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Although we do have policies and guidelines, the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA believe the spirit with which things are done is more important than the exact phrasing of our guidelines. To that end, we have developed a Scout Spirit.


Our Scout Spirit is inclusion.



diverse youth





We Welcome All


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are for every child, every family, everywhere.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are inclusive. Our Scout Programs are designed to include all those of good will, and we make sure everyone who wants to participate can do so. If one of Scouts is challenged and needs additional resources in order to play, those resources will be sought. This includes those whom are challenged, whom English is not their first language, and at risk youth.


“You cannot participate” is something our Scouts will never hear. If we have 15 Scouts and each sports team is supposed to have seven players, then one team will have seven, and the other will have eight. Everybody plays. We appreciate the importance of identifying and developing alternative ways to encourage the participation of all. We believe in giving your best and we believe in the joy of winning, however, we also believe FUN is the name of every game, and it is most important to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to participate.


We Leave No One Out


When prosperity includes even those with less, the satisfaction is all the greater. Our Scout Programs celebrate inclusion, and no one is left out because they cannot afford traditional participation or require accommodation. Consequently, our Scout Programs are inclusive and do not isolate those who have different qualities.friends Therefore, our Scout Programs treat everyone with profound respect and dignity. We believe each and every one has a right to achieve an earned destiny, of their own choosing, which is dependent upon their unique abilities, talents and the content of their character.


Our Scout Programs are inclusive and welcoming of all, and we challenge stereotypes by encouraging non-bias in our Scouts. We have created a safe environment where each of our Scouts is individually valued and considered unique. We encourage the participation of those with varying abilities, such as those who are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged, and by doing so provide to our Scouts meaningful opportunities for shared experiences with others different from themselves. We have developed programs that encourage everyone to feel safe and included.


The Adventure Scouts USA Scout Program is a modern co-ed Scout program, which is accepting of all. All of the programs of Adventure Scouts USA are co-ed, and consequently everyone enjoys equal opportunities. Our Scouts have the opportunity to discover teamwork and leadership by playing all of the characters in the action hero portion of our program. In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA Jasmine and Justin both can be pirates. A challenged Scout can be the pilot of the Space Shuttle. There are no limits to the imaginations of our Scouts, therefore we never place limits on their potential.


Our job is to make sure no child is ever excluded. No Scout stands alone in our Scout Programs.