What do the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA mean by Modern Programs? Print
The world is constantly getting smaller.  With modern technology, people are closer together and able to communicate more efficiently.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA provide its Scouts with enhanced skills to better participate in today’s modern and ever-changing world. Our modern programs are designed to evolve and stay current with the times.  Our Scouts choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities which result in their participating in activities that truly interest them. One of our goals is to offer modern programs which take into consideration what young people are doing today and what they are interested in.  Some of the activities chosen by our Scouts include building and racing soapbox derby cars, building websites and producing films. Outdoor activities such as backpacking and camping are also activity choices chosen by our Scouts.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA provide our Scouts with a true proficiency in outdoor skills.