North Star Scout Award Levels Print

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage our Scouts to participate in our Personal Achievement Programs.  Our Personal Achievement Programs are a series of award levels that become more in depth and complex as the Scout develops.  Award levels are comprehensive and build upon one another. 


The following are North Star Personal Achievement Award Levels:

  • Gateway – the Gateway Award is the first award in the North Star Scout Program.  The Gateway represents the beginning; our Scouts see their lives are a vast frontier to be discovered.  As our Scouts step through the Gateway, they can begin to appreciate the many opportunities available to them.

St. Louis arch


  • Aim High – Once our Scouts pass through the Gateway, we encourage them to set the highest goals possible for their time in our Scout Programs.  We always encourage our Scouts to give their best, and aim above and beyond each new goal they meet.
  • Compass – Our Scouts aim for the stars, but they need direction to get there. compass on map At this point, we ask our Scouts to continue developing their sense of direction.  They think about where they are and where they want to go.  Polaris, the North Star, always points home for our Scouts.


  • Navigator – Our Scouts have developed the skill of navigation, and the ability to identity the path they have chosen.  Their sense of direction keeps them moving in the right direction. 
  • Trailblazer – Our Scouts move forward with speed as their skill level grows.  Once they can navigate correctly, our Scouts want to move full speed ahead.  The image of the Trailblazer is one we can all visualize – dust flying at our Scouts’ feet as they achieve one success after another. 
  • Pathfinder – Our Scouts master the path they are on, and they naturally discover new ones.  In fact, Pathfinder is a synonym for Scout.  Our Scouts take on leadership positions, coordinate meetings, and organize activities, identifying new positive attributes about themselves.
  • Discoverer – Our Scouts discover their inner path and calling; they also discover new paths, new talents, and new facts.
  • Summit – Our Scouts have earned, achieved, and served their communities to reach the Summit.  But once they reach the Summit, new challenges await.youth hiking in view of a mountain
  • Challenger – the Challenger Award is the highest award our Scouts can earn.  Soon after joining our Scout Programs, our Scouts choose a Personal Achievement Project for their Challenger Award.  The Challenger Award is earned by Scouts who make a measurable contribution to their communities, and create a community service project that is sustainable without their participation.

It is so comprehensive in scale and significant in accomplishment, it is similar to a thesis needed for a Ph.D.  Our Challenger Award was named in honor of the Crew of Challenger Flight 51L, who continue to inspire our Scouts by the way in which they lived their lives.