Entrepreneur Program Print

One of the programs our older youth aged Scouts (14+) can choose to participate in is our Entrepreneur Program.  The Entrepreneur Program is for future Entrepreneurs who want to set up a company with the assistance of successful Entrepreneurs.


A group of Scouts get together and decide to create a small business.  Our Scouts choose a subject they are passionate about.  Perhaps they want to make a brand new kind of skateboard, have an idea for a cool new video game, or fix computers.  teens working togetherWhatever their interest, our Scouts set up a real business! 


Professional Mentors


Entrepreneurs help Scouts create their business.  This person serves as a mentor to our Scouts.  However, creating a business is complicated and our Scouts will need advice from various experts.  Our Scouts will need to have insurance, so they will have an insurance professional mentor.  They will also need to know about the tax ramifications of setting up a business, so they will need a tax professional mentor.  Our Scouts have a team of mentors, each counseling our Scouts about their area of expertise.   Their adventure is guided by mentors who assist our Scouts with different aspects of starting a business.




The Entrepreneur Program is unique in that it is a program in which our Scouts do not just talk about being in business, but actually create one.youth and mentor  After our Scouts complete the program, they are real Entrepreneurs with a real business.  They have a business and also the knowledge and contacts to create a future business.  Our Entrepreneur Program is just another way we serve our Scouts and help them make the most of their future.