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Our Scout Programs instill a sense of adventure in our Scouts
Our Rising Star Scouts get the opportunity to dress as their favorite action heroes
Parents have the opportunity to discover adventure all over again while participating with their child

The sense of adventure instilled in childhood often does not accompany many into their adulthood.  When we were younger, we boasted of our superhero qualities, bragged about our new six-shooters, boots and hat and enjoyed lazy summers, where we joined in the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  When we wore our superhero outfits, we believed we were superheroes.  We acquired noble identities.  We were as fast Wilma Rudolph.  We had white horses like George Washington.  We walked on the surface of the Moon like Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.  We were prepared to "boldly go where no one had gone before."  Youth of today also have heroes, and we encourage the kind of role-playing that absorbs their minds and hearts.

Every era and every culture develop their own myths and legends and consequently their own heroes.  The stories of these heroes tell of those who save the weak, battle the strong, and achieve spectacular feats. 

Our Scouts As Action Heroes

We include larger-than-life action hero play in our Scout Programs which allows our Rising Star Scouts to action herouse adventure themes to make our programs innovative.  Examples of themes include: Pirates and treasure, superheroes and villains, safari guides and animals, or dinosaurs and archaeologists.  Our Scouts can leap over tall buildings, can save the planet, find buried treasure, fight a dragon, or be the good guys.  Our Rising Star Scouts engage actively in action hero play.  And they periodically come to meetings dressed in costume.  They can vote for a particular theme of action heroes for a particular meeting or party.  For example, if space is chosen, Scouts come dressed as astronauts, Mission Control personnel, or even aliens.  Scouts can serve orange drink and remake their meeting space to look like the inside of the shuttle!  Everything about the evening from food to activities would be centered about Space.  The same can be done with other subjects, such as Medieval night, including plastic swords and turkey legs for dinner, favorite animal night, or Pirate night complete with eye patches.

The use of action hero play by our Rising Star Scouts enables them to develop critical thinking, friendship, and leadership skills.  The wearing of capes, costumes, and the use of super powers by our Rising Star Scouts creates a FUN and imaginative play space that encourages creativity and the acquisition of practical life skills.

A Hero Code

Action heroes, like our Scouts, have a code that they follow.  Unlike action heroes who use their powers sparingly and only when necessary, our Scouts use their Scout Code as a way to live their everyday lives.

It is FUN and productive for our Scouts to engage in action hero play.  However, we also encourage our Scouts to see the heroes all around them everyday.  Police and fire personnel, scientists, doctors, teachers, volunteers and parents, none of whom wear capes, are heroes everyday.  Our Scouts develop respect for life's true heroes.child's rendering of a fire engine

Heroes in the Real World

In stories, heroes can walk thousands of miles without a scratch and appear physically flawless and beautifully dressed.  It never seemed to matter that these very human people had just trekked hundreds of miles through the desert or saved the lives of others from burning buildings. 

They each seemed to have had amazing powers and unlimited resources, yet in reality, heroes are people with character flaws and faults, just like all of us.  They are good people, who against great odds, fight for truth and justice.  The reality is these heroes are no better and no greater than each of us.  Each of us has the opportunity to act heroically on behalf of others and some of us require heroic fortitude in everyday life.  Every school day, youth are in a position where they have to deal with peer pressure and potentially the taunts of others.  Our Scouts are heroes everyday when they stand up for themselves and each other.

Our Scouts Are the Heroes of Tomorrow

Our Scouts, like most youth, yearn to move on with their lives.

Our Scouts will play a role in history as heroes and heroines in the continuing effort to discover new frontiers and to explore the final frontiers of space and the ocean.  Participating in our Scout Programs takes our Scouts far, although achieving their endeavors requires effort on their part.

While superheroes live in a fictional world, our Scouts live real lives filled with adventure.  They improve themselves, serve the greater community, and enhance their belief in something greater than themselves.  While these qualities might seem idealistic, one thing is certain and that is hope.  Our Scouts strive to always be good people and to always encourage others to do the same.  They believe they can make the world a better place.  Our Scouts are more than supporters of our country. They represent the very ideals of America when they Give their Best for the greater good.  They realize that "with great power comes great responsibility."


Our Scout Programs value diversity and provide our Scouts the opportunity to develop their identity and self-esteem.  While our Scout Programs have policies and guidelines, our spirit of inclusion is always relevant.  As our Scouts determine their identity and discover their real passions, they are certain to develop more superhero like attributes and to act as action heroes.

In our Scout Programs, Justin and Jasmine can both play pirates.  A Scout who uses a wheelchair can be pilot of the Space Shuttle.  Our Scouts have no limits for their future but their own imaginations.  No Scout will ever be told, "You cannot participate" or "You cannot play."  Our Scouts are heroes - who are we to say what they can or cannot aspire to?

Getting Involved With Your Child

The sandcastles, dollhouses, merry-go-rounds, swords, and army play of your youth need not be your last great memory of hero play.  Participating with your child in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA provides you and your family the opportunity to capture meaningful moments.  After all, the life we lead is not measured by length, but rather the impact it has on others.  Those that share memorable experiences never think "what if," but rather, "I did."  Memorable experiences cannot be shared from a distance. They must be shared first hand.  Our Scouts, as action heroes, act with conviction and from the heart and have FUN.  So can you and all the members of your family. child dressed up We invite all who aspire to join the Scout Movement to join us in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, as we contribute to creating the future-  now.  You'll have FUN!






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