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Our Scouts design and race their own small boats

Scouts build confidence, self-esteem, and woodworking skills

Scouts can come up with their own contests for fastest boat, etc.


Our Scouts design, build, and race their own 6 inch boats!  Our Scouts build confidence, self-esteem, woodworking skills, and dexterity by participating. 


Designing a Boat


Scouts come up with a blueprint of what they want their ship to look like.  They use about a six inch block of wood to make their ships.  Designs can be FUN and elaborate including ships that look like pirate ships, Viking ships, and more.  Our Scouts have no limits but their own imaginations.  They will need certain specific parts however like a block of wood, glue, paint and whatever accessories they want for the ship.boy with tools


Boats will need a hull, mast, and sail.  Our Scout Programs are not concerned that our Scouts follow a specific design, but that they have FUN and the build the boat themselves.  We encourage creative design as well as creative and critical thinking.


Building a Boat


Boats are built from a block of wood around 6 inches long.  Scouts use tools and sandpaper under supervision to create the shape they want.  Coming up with the design themselves develops creative and critical thinking in our Scouts.




Our Scouts paint their boat any color they want and affix decals for cool designs. 


Racing the Boats


Boats are raced by being placed in a rain gutter, kiddie pool, or shallow pond. 


The boat advances because our Scouts blow on the sail to make it move.  It is the ability to blow the boat straight, not hard, that keeps the boat from turning over.  After a winner has been declared, Scouts continue to play round robin style, or double elimination.  Second runners up can play second runners up and so forth.  It is important the everyone continues to participate and has FUN.




Contests can be held for the fastest boat, best design, most elaborate design, best decoration, and best sportsmanship.

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