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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA want to hear from our Scouts!  Our Scouts are always encouraged to let us know what is going in their lives.  When our Scouts to go on adventures, we want our Scouts to communicate with us.  In partnership with our Make a Video Contest and the Best of America portion of team meetings, our Scouts create videos about the best of America!  Videos can fit into a number of different categories.  Scouts are welcome also to submit photographs instead.  We review and post these submissions on our website so others can enjoy rotunda


Best Historical Places in America


Whether our Scouts went on a trip to Washington D.C., or live near a historical district, our Scouts send us videos of the best historical places in America.  Our Scouts are encouraged to include themselves in the video, their families, as well as the historical location.  The video should include an accurate history of the location, what they learned from visiting, and how what they learned applies to their Scout experience.  Examples include how the Washington monument relates to democratic choice in our Scout Programs, or how the Charleston, South Carolina historical district relates to the history of America.


Best National Parks in America


Scouts can video tape themselves on a family camping trip or a Scout visit to a national park.  Scouts comment on what they see, what they learned about nature in that particular area, how the outdoor skills they acquired added to their enjoyment, and more.  Scouts include the history of the park, the types of plant and animal life found there, and whether any of that life is endangered.  Scouts are free to include if they would improve anything about the environment in the region and how.


The Best FUN Places in America


FUN can pop up anytime, any place,, white, and blue amusement park ride  Scouts can film an amusement park, The World’s Biggest Ball of String, Bob the Dinosaur in Alpine, California, or anything our Scouts consider FUN.  The Scouts share the history of the exhibit and why they think the exhibit is one of the Best Fun Places in America.


Best of Made in America


Scouts let us know what their favorite products are that are made in America.  Scouts include details about the company, such as what is made, what company it is, and who the employees are.  Scouts can even request an interview with the CEO or president!  If our Scouts have family who are employed with a company which makes their products in America, Scouts should feel free to include information about them!


The Best Trips Taken in America


When our Scouts go on vacation, we want to know all about it.  Whether it is Michigan or Maui, our Scouts create videos or take photographs of their vacation.  Scouts let us know all about the location, the history of the location, and what they found the most interesting about the area.  Scouts should feel free to include family FUN, outings, and local on vacation


What is America?


This video includes whatever our Scouts think is best about America and defines America.  Maybe it is family at a BBQ, a baseball game, Thanksgiving Dinner, or simply one American helping another.  Our Scouts can also use these videos during their Best of American portion of the team meeting.  Scouts can be original and creative and let us know what they think defines the best of America!

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