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Occasionally our Scouts hold activities in order to get to know more people and to serve the community and one of them is the community party.  Those in the community are interested in FUN and adventure too!

  youth having fun


Scouts organize and advertise neighborhood block parties by putting signs where appropriate and hand out notices to homeowners in the selected areas. 




The block party picnics can feature races, sports competitions, contests, and more.  They could combine the community Jam Session with the picnic, holding band and individual musical contests.




In order to help raise funds for their programs, nonprofit community organizations can bring food and sell it.  They can communicate with each other to make sure each one of them is bringing something different.  For example, a church or temple could ask its members to bring main courses, a community organization bring side dishes, another brings deserts, and so on.  They can sell the food to those who attend the picnic.


Block Party


Scouts will need to talk to local authorities before holding a block party.  Anything that interferes with the flow of traffic needs to be okay’d by the local police department first.




Scouts can borrow sound equipment, hook up microphones and have a concert all along the block.  Bands and individual who can to compete can take the stage and entertain the block.  There is an award for the best in each category:  best individual with an instrument, best individual singer, best band, etc.




Scouts can sell basic food like grilling hotdogs, popcorn, and sweets.  Scouts will need to talk to local authorities of course before cooking and selling food.  There may be tax ramifications or licenses needed.

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