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Our Scouts develop their cooking skills in various ways in our Scout Programs.  We want our Scouts to have at least basic cooking skills because they will need them in the future.


It is important to learn how to use pots and pans and how to cook basic dishes.  Often the only food someone might be able to cook are hamburgers and hotdogs while camping.  Our Scout Programs are more comprehensive.  Our Scouts actually acquire knowledge of cooking.boy baking


Some of our Scouts will become responsible for feeding themselves and younger siblings.  Some of our Scouts will need to know how to make basic dishes while away at college.  As adults, our Scouts will need to know how to take care of themselves, and as future spouses and parents, they will need to know how to cook for their families.  There are many young adults who eat out daily or order-in, to the expense of their health and pocketbook.  Our Scouts may choose not to use the skills, but we make sure they have them.  Cooking, too, can be an adventure.


Team Dinners


One of the ways every Scout learns about cooking is by being responsible for preparing the meal before Family Dinners, Themed Dinners, the Hometown Hero Dinner, and the dinner served at Educator Night.


Scouts make the dishes themselves, on-site if there is a kitchen at the meeting location, or they can make individual dishes at home and bring them along to the meeting.  While it is always great for our Scouts to have parental help and support, we want our Scouts to do the cooking.  Our Scouts develop the skills they need while learning-by-doing.




We also feature Challenges related to cooking and food our Scouts can choose from.  They also can meet with Challenge Mentors, including chefs, who help them develop their knowledge of cooking skill.

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