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First Aid Basics PDF Print E-mail

Minor injuries can be treated on site.  Below are some suggestions for dealing with minor injuries.


Cuts and Scrapes


In the case of a scrape or small, shallow cut, clean the area with an antibiotic cream and cover with bandage.  A butterfly bandage can hold an open cut together.




first aid box





Use forceps or small pliers to remove the splinter or push the splinter out from the spot it entered the skin.


Minor Burns


A very small burn can be treated with antibiotic cream and a bandage.




Bandages can relieve pressure from the blister.


Insect Bites, Stings, and Ticks


Insect bites can be treated with an anti-itch cream.  In the case of stinging insects, such as wasps and bees, remove the stinger was swiftly as possible, and apply anti-itch cream.  Ticks should be removed with small pliers as close to the skin as possible.  If the head and mouth remain beneath the skin, the individual should go to the doctor to have them removed.  Pain relieving medicines can help as can ice.


Anything more complicated than the above situations should be handled according to the standards of the American Red Cross, and/or the Scout should be taken to the emergency room.

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