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One of the activities our Scouts take part in during camping trips is the making of friendship bracelets.  Bracelets can be very intricate or quite simple; it is the message of friendship that counts.   two boys laughing

Scouts can make these for their friends.  We provide various techniques for making the bracelets, or Scouts are free to use their own designs.  Alternatively, Scouts can take part in the following ceremony:

Scouts can mention a “win”, something that went right for them or something they achieved and are proud of.  They then tie a string around their wrist and throw the rest of the ball of string into the circle.  When moved to do so, another Scout picks up the ball of string and names a win and then they tie a string around their wrist and toss the ball back into the circle.  It goes around until all the Scouts who want to say something have had the chance to do so. 

The purpose is for our Scouts to get to know each better and to develop the skill of fostering friendship.  Our Scouts are tied together by their friendship and mutual desire to live their lives by the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Motto, and Scout Spirit.

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