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Periodically, Scouts will invite a Hometown Hero to a team meeting.  Scouts choose the hero they would like to invite!  A Hometown Hero is someone who is important to the town and has made a difference.  Popular choices include firefighters, police, or someone who looks in on elderly neighbors just to make sure they are all right.




The Hometown Hero gets the chance to see what our Scouts are up to and that they are playing a role in a positive, character affirming organization. crossing guard This also allows the hero to be introduced to our Scout Programs, which may encourage them to tell others about our Scout Programs.  The goal is for Hometown Heroes to come away with a positive feeling of appreciation for their efforts by our Scouts. 


The hero is free to take part in all portions of the meeting that are held.  The meeting can be shortened to accommodate the hero, but Best of America and the Announcements are always held.  The speaker will speak during the Activity Buffet portion of the meeting.




The hero should be given an Orientation.  After the regular Orientation, a couple of pre-selected Scouts stand up and say why the joined our Scout Programs and what is the true meaning of them.youth working together


Finding a Speaker


A speaker for this meeting is found in the same way a Guest for the Activity Buffet is found, except Scouts are taking into account the guest’s interests rather than their own.  Scouts call city hall, or wherever they will find the preferred speaker and explain the Scout Programs and that the hero is the invited guest.


The speaker should be someone who is interesting to the people invited, such as a public official like the Mayor, the police chief, fire chief, or an exciting person such the coach of the local professional baseball team.  They too want to meet interesting people who may be unrelated to their job. 




A few Scouts chosen ahead of time will stand up and let the Hometown Hero know why he or she was chosen.  The Scouts state what that hero and their service means to them.  It is important the Hometown Hero knows why they were chosen and that the Scouts truly appreciate them.  Whether the hero is a firefighter putting their life on the line everyday or a postal carrier who checks in with an elderly person to make sure they are all right, every hero deserves a thank you.

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