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Intramurals are informal

Everyone plays


One of the FUN activities our Scouts can participate is sports intramurals.  Intramurals are sports teams formed within an organization, school, or other entity in which the members play each other rather than other organizations, schools, or entities, which would be varsity sports. 




Intramurals are by definition informal.  Scouts do not necessarily need the proper amount of players.  If six Scouts want to form a team and they can find six Scouts on another team who want to play, they can form an informal competition. youth in football helmet Just because it is informal however, does not mean it is not taken seriously.  We keep score and keep track of wins and Scouts play to the best of their ability.


Everyone Plays


There is no skill level required to play intramurals.  Each Scout on the team plays an equal amount of time.  Everyone is going to play whether they have a high skill level or not.  Therefore, it behooves those with high skill levels to help and train those with lower skill levels rather than diminishing them or making fun of them.


Intramurals are one of the ways we build camaraderie.  Sports are one of best ways people form a connection.  Players have to get to know each other and their strengths and weaknesses, and form ways to make up for each other’s weaknesses. 


We encourage the bonds of brotherhood in our Scouts many different ways.  Brotherhood is a form of friendship, a friendship so close, our Scouts become like siblings.  We want our Scouts to participate with other Scouts and get to know them through various activities, including on their own teams in sports.youth playing basketball


Character in Sports


As in all our activities, character counts in our intramurals.  As members of CHARACTER COUNTS!, we embrace their Pursuing Victory with Honor program.  This program was created during a conference in 1999, in which four dozen leaders in amateur sports called for sweeping “reforms to change the way in which sports are played, coached, and watched.”


During this conference, 16 tenets were created.


The Community


Intramurals represent a chance to get the community involved.  Unfortunately in the past, Scout Programs have functioned behind closed doors, not allowing the public to watch or become interested in the activities of the youth in their area.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA is changing that by getting the community involved.  As with any other community sports, our Scouts should advertise and encourage the public to come to their games.


Games are exciting and competitive, but also allow the community to demonstrate their commitment to high character because our Scouts always demonstrate character and good sportsmanship.

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