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Our Scouts get the opportunity to hold a job for a day

Choices are up to our Scouts


When we were children, we dreamt of saving people from burning buildings, dancing Swan Lake, walking on the Moon, and riding our horses into the sunset.  While few people turn their childhood dreams into a career, what would it have been like to follow your dreams?  What would it be like to a firefighter, ballerina, or cowboy, if only for one day?  Our Scouts will go on to do many things in life, but whether it is for a day or for a lifetime, our Scouts deserve the chance to live their dreams exactly as they imagine it.  Our Job for a Day Programs allows our Scouts to follow their dreams if only for a day.


In our Job for a Day Program, Scouts choose a career or job to hold for a day.  Imagine the opportunity to explore a chosen profession as a Scout!  Our Scouts are passionate about many subjects from skateboarding to nature, and get to experience what it would be like to be employed doing what they love.


Scouts can choose whatever they like, from assisting fire personnel, to working with a beloved character at an amusement park, to working with a paleontologist at a natural history museum.  The adventure is up to them!  And Scouts get real life experience by being participatory in their communities.


They will be a real teacher, firefighter, or whatever they choose, with appropriate supervision.  Scouts dress according to the standards of where they are working, whether it is a character costume at an amusement park or a suit at a bank.  Our Scouts also get up and get to the job the same time as the other employees, eat when and where the other employees eat.  Our Scouts take on the responsibilities of the job, allowing them to acquire the knowledge of what it is really like to have a job.  Our Scouts develop responsibility by their experience of having a Job for a Day.


It also provides a great contact for the future.  If our Scouts do decide to follow their dream as adults, they already have a contact at a particular business, doing what they love.


You never know where any experience may lead.  The jobs the Scouts do and people they meet may influence them for a lifetime.  For instance, a Scout who wants to be a police officer for the day, may wind up being a lawyer, and is already somewhat familiar with the justice system.  And it is okay for our Scouts just to have FUN.


How to Find a Job for a Day


After choosing a job or career to experience, Scouts make contact with the place they would like to work.  If the Scout wants to work at a particular amusement park, of course that narrows down the possible places to call.  If the Scout would like to work at a bank, for example, there are many choices. 


Scouts should ask for referrals from family, friends, Team Counselors, and Counselors.  If someone they know has a contact where they would like to work, that would make it easier.  If not, Scouts can check the phonebook and look online.  Scouts can also look to see what other Scouts choose on our site as they add to our website.


Scouts should generally ask for the human resources department or office manager when they call.  They will need to explain who they are, where they are coming from, and what they want.  Below are detailed directions:


Making an appointment includes:  generating the contact information for a selected individual by conducting research via the internet, telephone book, or personal referral.  Be sure to ask your parents, teachers, counselors, Team Leaders, fellow scouts, and your friends for referrals. 

Contacting the selected individual: After obtaining the telephone number and dialing it, it is possible you may initially reach a receptionist in which case you need to tell them you wish to speak with. It will then be necessary to say your name, and identify that you are a Scout of Adventure Scouts USA or of the specific program you are a member of.

Explain the purpose of your call.It is then possible you may then be connected with the assistant or secretary of the person you are trying to contact rather than the person you seek directly.  It may then be necessary to repeat your name, and again identify that you are a Scout of Adventure Scouts USA or of the specific program you are a member of.

Explain the purpose of your call and why you wish to speak to the person you have been referred to.When you get to the person you are trying to contact, greet them;Say your name; Identify that you are a Scout of Adventure Scouts USA or of the specific program you are a member of.

Explain why you would like meet with them in order to work with them one for day; be clear compensation is not expected.  This is a program to help our Scouts develop responsibility while having FUN.  It is also okay for the Scout to mention the benefits to the employer, such as positive publicity.  We will place a thank you on our national website. It is possible that individual may refer you to someone else either in their company, office, or department to work with in order to complete your mission.  If this happens, you will need to introduce yourself again and explain the purpose of your call again.

Once they have agreed to assist you with your mission;Schedule an appointment on a specific day and time; therefore you should be prepared to know when you have some free time and if you need a ride, when the driver will be available.

You will need to know the exact address, directions, and the approximate amount of time the person will be able to spend with you. Then remember to thank the person for agreeing to allow you to work there. Not everyone you speak with will have the time or desire to help you.  If this happens, ask them if they can refer you to someone who can help you. 

 If they are unable to refer you to someone, then ask your parents, teachers, Team Leaders, fellow scouts, and your friends for another referral.  Keep trying until you are successful at completing your mission.  Perseverance is a strength that will help you to successfully reach your goals. Never be discouraged when you encounter obstacles.  Like the story of the rabbit and the turtle, it is not the fastest.  Rather it is the one who sticks with it, who succeeds. Remember to:

  • Call the day before to re-confirm your appointment.
  • Prepare whatever you need to know;
  • Bring with you necessary materials;
  • Arrive early for your scheduled appointment;
  • Be properly dressed in uniform or the clothing appropriate for the position.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note after your meeting and after your job for the day experience.
  • Remember to email the national office with the names of the business, name of the person who agreed to work with you, the telephone number, mailing address, and email address.  This information is necessary for them to receive a written thank you from our Scout Programs nationally and to enable a press release to local media outlets.
 You are an ambassador of the program you are a member of within Adventure Scouts USA, so always act responsibly. Obtain permission from your parent or guardian prior to choosing a Job for a Day.Consult with your parent or guardian regarding your appointment time and meeting place. Always call the day before, and be sure to send us the name, address, and phone number of the person who allows you to have the job for the day.  Our Scouts make their dreams come true, one Day at a time!
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