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The Jam Session is an activity our Scouts can do with their team, with other teams, or with the entire community.    

Music has always been a way of bringing people together and we know there is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, in our Scout Programs and in the community.  Our Scouts serve others and work toward self-improvement, but we also want our Scouts to get the chance to just relax sometimes.  The Jam Session gives our Scouts the opportunity for bragging rights to show what they can do, and also to chill out with their friends.

Jam Sessions with Teams 

The members of a single team can get together at the meeting location, a coffee house, or in the rec room, barn, or basement of a Scout.  Remember, a one Scout is never alone with a one adult. 

Those who play instruments play their instrument, and those who sing can sing, and those who dance can dance.  Everyone else can listen.  This is an opportunity for our Scouts to get together to spend time just having FUN and relaxing.  They can just sit around and talk and spend time discussing their interests as well. 

One team can also hold a Jam Session with another team. guitar playing This allows teams to get to know each other better and have a chance to bond over their experiences in our Scout Programs.  Scouts also get a chance to meet other Scouts with whom they have something in common.  For example, a Scout on one team who loves to play guitar can meet a Scout on another team who also loves to play guitar.  The Jam Session helps our Scouts develop the skill of fostering friendship by brining them together in a FUN, relaxed atmosphere.


Jam Sessions with the Community


Our Scouts can also hold a Jam Session in their community.  If Scouts live in a big city, they can invite those in their neighborhood, whereas those Scouts in a small town could invite the entire community. 


Scouts will make a point in their advertisement that those who play instruments, sing, or dance are invited to bring their instruments with them to the Jam Session.  two girls singing with microphonesScouts can hold contests, such as:  best youth performance, best teen performance, most original, and funniest.  Scouts can also make up their own awards.


This gives the community the opportunity to find out about our Scouts and to interact with them.   

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