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The Scouts can hold a pancake breakfast when they would like to. The way it works is that Scouts invite adult leadership, such as their Counselors, Team Counselors, community coordinators, and team builders.

Scouts Do the Work


As in all their activities, Scout’s choose, organize, and lead the Pancake Breakfast. pancakesThey decide where to hold it. Good choices are a meeting location which has a kitchen and enough seating, such as a school cafeteria, and a church or temple kitchen.


Scouts are also responsible for purchasing enough ingredients to make pancakes for everyone. The money comes from petty cash. Scouts need to understand how many pancakes can be made from one box of mix, how many eggs, and how much milk will be needed, etc.


Single Teams or Several Teams in the Area Participate


Teams can hold the breakfast as one team only or several teams in the area can get together to serve all the adult leaders in the area.


Scouts cook pancakes and serve them to their adult leaders. It is FUN for Scouts to take on a traditional adult position as chef and it is FUN for adult leadership to sit back and enjoy their breakfast.


This serves as an opportunity for Scouts to get to know each other better and acquire knowledge of the skill of fostering friendship by participating with Scouts from several teams. Adult leadership also gets the opportunity to become better acquainted with each other. This time can serve as an opportunity to discuss how to improve teams in the area.

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