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One of the ways we involve family and community is through public Did and Do’s. While most Did and Do’s are presented at team meetings, we want our Scouts to be able to demonstrate their hard-won skills in front of even larger groups, and we want parents, family members, and Scouts from a number of teams to be able to cheer on our Scouts.


Public Did and Do can be set up on a high school football field, a park, or empty parking lot when weather permits, or inside a school or convention center in rain or cold. Several Did and Do performances are going on at the same time, like a three-ring circus.




Public Did and Do is also a competition. girls playing soccerWe know it is FUN for Scouts to compete and for parents, multiple generations, and extended family members to watch the competition. Everyone gets in on the FUN, watching our Scouts give their best! Our Scouts compete against themselves rather than each other, and in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, Scouts who win the competition portions help other Scouts. After the competitive portion, winners volunteer to spend time with those who performed less well in order to coach them on how to improve their time!

As with all our activities, everyone crosses the finish line.


Spectators Become Participants!


After our Scouts have performed and their Challenges recorded, spectators also get to take part in some of the competition. Family and friends get to show they can do it too, by going onto the field and perform the Did and Do themselves. Parents can compete against each other and siblings can complete against siblings. We get everyone in on the action!

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