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A possible weekend activity is our Rocket Ship Rally. Scouts design, build, and race small rocket ships along an aerial track. The idea is for our Scouts to build something themselves and then have the satisfaction of seeing it work.

 Parents, Multiple Generations, and Extended Family Members


Parents, multiple generations, and extended family members mature mantake part in this FUN, exciting activity. Each builds their own rocket ship and races them.


Before Building


Scouts will come up with a blueprint of what they want their rocket ship to look like. They will use about a six inch block of wood to make their rockets. Designs can be FUN and elaborate including rocket ships that look like ice cream cones, bananas, Space Shuttle and more. Our Scouts have no limits but their own imaginations. They will need certain specific materials however like a block of wood, glue, paint and whatever accessories they want for the ship.


Building the Rocket Ship


Scouts build their rocket ships during a special team meeting, for a specific reason. We want all our Scouts to have the same opportunity to build a winning rocket ship. Ships should not be store-bought or created entirely by parents. Our Scouts develop confidence, dexterity, creative and critical thinking skills, and woodworking skills by building the rockets themselves with supervision. We want all our Scouts to have the opportunity to develop character and self-esteem by accomplishing something with their own two hands.


Parents and other adults come to the meeting, bringing their tools along. Parents who attend help their own Scouts and other Scouts learn proper use of tools. Although it is important that the Scouts build their own rocket ships, we also want to encourage Scout interaction with knowledgeable adults. Some Scouts may not have family members who can attend, so those parents who do attend lend assistance to all the Scouts who need their attention their tools where needed. Obviously, all Scouts must be well supervised while using tools, therefore as many adults as possible should be on hand to supervise.


Racing the Rocket Ships


Building and racing the ships can occur on a weekend, or the building and racing can occur on separate days. Scouts line up with their rocket ships and race them along a track made of string. After Scouts have been eliminated, they continue to race each other to keep everyone playing and having FUN. Adults also can race their rocket.

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