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Jump Start


The Jump Start portion of the team meeting is intended to get things going. It allows our Scouts to shout out answers or play short games and get the last of their energy out before dealing with other portions of the meeting. The Jumpstart section generally takes 3-5 minutes. Scouts pose and answer all kinds of FUN questions. For example, Who is your inner movie villain? Or If you were ice cream, what kind would you be? Questions can be shaped to fit the meeting. For example, What is your name? Where are you from? Do you have any brothers and sisters? These are questions that can be posed at early meetings to help Scouts get to know each other. It also allows Scouts who are late not to miss important portions of the meeting.


Best of America


The Best of America portion of the meeting allows our Scouts to comment on what they think is best about our country. They can tell a story, perform a short play, talk about the founding fathers, sing a song, war heroes, personal heroes, Amendments to the Constitution, or speak from the heart. chicago signThe presentation can take any form the Scout chooses. The purpose is to help our Scouts appreciate the country we live in.


Team Time


Team Time is the portion of the meeting in which the team matters are covered. Scouts take care of any kind of paperwork they need to complete. What Adventure Scouts USA Is, the Scout Movement, as well as the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Motto, and Scout Spirit are explained.


A Scout volunteers for Best of America for the next meeting.


Scouts vote, choose, and volunteer to contact Guests for the next Activity Buffet.


Friendship Activities


Friendship activities are intended to help our Scouts get to know each other better and develop the skill of fostering friendship. Generally this portion of the meeting is mostly comprised games intended to familiarize Scouts with each other or build teamwork.





Scout Spirit!


A Scout volunteers to lead the other Scouts in reciting the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Motto, Scout Spirit, What Adventure Scouts USA Is or the Scout Movement. The Scout then says what those words mean to them.


Crew Time


During this portion of the meeting, Crews get together to discuss upcoming Crew events such as camping trips or Challenges that can be accomplished together. Games can also be played to help Crews get to know each other better.


Activity Buffet


This is the portion of the meeting when invited Guests interact with our Scouts. Scouts achieve new skills via learning-by-doing.


Did and Do


During the Did and Do portion of the meeting, Scouts who have accomplished Challenges present their Challenges to their fellow Scouts who evaluate their efforts based on how well the Challenge was met, how long it took, and whether the Scout gave their best.girl




Announcements include the day and time of the next meeting and reminders for those Scouts who are going to present for next time.




The Closing includes activities that keep Scouts on an up note, such as small art projects or games.

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