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Our Rising Star Scouts take turns being “Sheriff” for a meeting. At each meeting, a Scout is chosen to be Sheriff.


Who Acts as Sheriff


Scouts act as Sheriff. Each Scout will take a turn being Sheriff. They are officially “deputized” by the Team Leader, raising their right hand and promising to be of service to their fellow Scouts. They wear a badge, symbolizing the honor and responsibility of being Sheriff.sheriff badge


The Responsibilities of the Sheriff


The responsibility of the Sheriff is to serve the other Scouts. The Sheriff acts as a helper to the Team Leader by assisting in passing out and collecting papers and forms, pens, and other supplies. The Sheriff also helps to set up the room for games, with responsibilities such as clearing the floor of chairs and making sure the other Scouts are in their groups or Crews for an activity.


The Sheriff takes a break from their own activities and goes around the room during games and activities to see if anyone needs help or needs something explained. Scouts can come to the Sheriff if they need help completing an activity. The Sheriff also makes sure the Good Time Candle stays lit by helping other Scouts resolve their differences in a positive way.cowboy


The Sheriff takes on the responsibility of helping their fellow Scouts, and since every Scout will take a turn as Sheriff, they better understand what goes into being in charge and can feel empathy for the Scout who is currently Sheriff. Scouts make better decisions, knowing they too will be responsible for assisting their fellow Scouts when their turn comes.

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