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Our Talent Competition enables our Scouts to have their talents recognized

The Talent Competition has local, regional, and national levels


Come one, come all to the Talent Competition Program!  Our Scouts hold talent shows as part of their Scout experience.  The Talent Competition Program is an extension of the talent show.  girl with play makeup


There are many talented Scouts out there who otherwise may not get the opportunity to display their talent.  Who knows how far our Scouts may go when their talent is discovered!


Any Scout participating in the talent show is free to participate in the Talent Competition.  The way the Talent Competition works is that Scouts from one team compete against Scouts from another team.  After a winner is chosen in each category, Scouts continue to complete against local teams until a local winner in each category is chosen.teen with microphone


The local winner goes on to compete in a district-wide competition, then regional, and finally a nation-wide competition.  Each talent competition is judged by experts in the field, such as local dance instructors or singers.  As the competition gets tougher, so do the judges.  National judges are high-profile persons who are highly qualified to evaluate our Scouts’ performances.


Our Scouts with an extraordinary talent compete.  The category of talent can be anything our Scouts like:  popular choices include singing, dancing, pet training, playing a musical instrument and more.  Individuals, small groups, and entire teams can compete.


Scouts organize and lead the entire program.  They are free to hold the Talent Competition at any time they choose.  Our Scouts get the opportunity to shine!

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