Our Scouts are Action Heroes Print


Our Scouts are heroes

Rising Star Scouts get the chance to dress up as their favorite action hero

Everyone who helps others is a hero


Rising Star Action Hero Nights


Periodically at particular team meetings, our Rising Star Scouts come to the meeting dressed up as their favorite action hero!  Our Scouts run fast, jump high, save the weak, and battle the strong.  We go on great adventures in which they heroically save the day!  Our Scouts develop confidence and coordination by taking part in action hero play.


Mythic Action Heroes


Everyone has seen an action hero in a movie or a book and wished we could be that way.  We have all wished we could fly faster than the wind, leap higher than the tallest skyscraper, or turn back time.  youth dressed as zorro


 Of course, it never occurs to anyone how these heroes from myth can miraculously pop up, fully dressed wearing a superhero outfit including a cape to help someone.  At some point, their appearance is depicted as always being physically flawless and beautifully dressed.  It never seemed to matter that these people had just saved the lives of others from burning buildings and were not caked with ash.  Similarly, when do these people work or how do they earn their money?  They each seemed to have had amazing powers and unlimited resources. 

How to Identify an Action Hero 

Action heroes in movies and books are easy to spot – they wear a brightly colored outfit, complete with cape or mask.  Heroes in real life can be more difficult to identify at first glance. 


When you see someone deliver a meal to a shut-in, you have seen an action hero.  When you see a mail carrier look in on an elderly person living alone, you have seen an action hero.  When you see fire truck filled with firefighters, you have seen action heroes. firefighter and truck When you see a police officer patrolling the neighborhood, you have seen an action hero.  Yes, parents are action heroes too.  Anyone who gives their best to benefit others is an action hero.


Give Your Best


The motto of our Scouts is “Give Your Best.”  We chose this motto because we believe that giving your best is the truest demonstration of character.  Our Scouts have different levels of ability.  Some already have experience with sports and outdoor skills, and others do not.  Some have aptitudes on a particular subject, and others do not.  In addition, some of our Scouts have challenges they struggle with everyday.  However, everyone can give his or her best.  Giving Your Best is central to being a hero.




We want our Scouts to experience true success in their lives.  We want our Scouts to have the great job and material success they deserve, but we want them to know the kind of success possible when they share their success with others.  True success comes from being of service to others and being of service to others makes a hero.


Who Can Be a Hero


Everyone can be an action hero in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  Each of us has the opportunity to act heroically on behalf of others and some of us require heroic fortitude to just get through a situation.  Every school day, youth are in a position where they have to deal with peer pressure and potentially the taunts of others.  Our Scouts are heroes everyday when they stand up for themselves and each other.


In reality, heroes are people with character flaws and faults, just like all of us.  They are good people, who against great odds, fight for truth and justice.  The reality is these heroes are no better and no greater than each of us.


When you see one of our Scouts give their best for the benefit of others, you have seen an action hero.