How do the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA work? Print
The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA offers co-ed Scout Programs that are designed to help our Scouts and Members develop in three key areas: Leadership, Responsible Citizenship, and Fostering Friendships. Our Scout Programs are an informal educational platform with programs that our Scouts choose, organize and lead.  These attributes help our Scouts appreciate service to the greater community, and develop their skills of leadership.  We develop in our Scouts the quality of responsible citizenship and we enhance good character as instilled by parents. Although we are informal education platform to help encourage the development of important attributes in our Scouts, we are not a school.  Our Scout Programs are FUN with a purpose.  One of our philosophies is:  If you do it in school, we don’t do it here. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are held locally, led by the Scouts of the team themselves (small groups of 48 or fewer Scouts) and supplemented by our Web Community Campfire Forums, National, and Local Area Leadership. The teams of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA meet once weekly and participate in approximately one weekend adventure activity a month such as camping or backpacking.