What are some of the concepts which the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA include? Print

Our Scout Programs encourage the development of the following concepts:

·        True proficiency in outdoor and life skills, such as first aid

·        Participation in our personal achievement programs is on a non-competitive basis which enables our Scouts to learn more about themselves, their interests, explore careers and the world in which they live,

·        Development of leadership skills,

·        Service to the greater community through positive FUN opportunities which serve the community,

·        Instilling in our Scouts the value of active listening, rather than just hearing,

·        Development of creative and critical thinking,

·        Acquisition of the skill of fostering friendship,

·        Enhancement in our Scouts of the qualities of good character, and of the value that character counts,

·        We promote strong families and strengthen family values,

·        Development of responsible citizenship.