Is Adventure Scouts USA a good program for my child? Print
We monitor programs and programming with standards that seek the best of activities within our teams.  While there are many characteristics that make up a good youth program, generally good programs include the following:  
  • High quality coaching, counselor, and mentoring for those supervising youth.  Do they receive training?
  • Do they place a priority on priority on safety and health policies?  On proper use of safety equipment?
  • Do they feature inclusive participation, or do only the most skilled play or participate?
  • Do they emphasize following the rules and everyone having FUN, or do they have a “win at all costs” attitude?
  • Do those supervising youth emphasize everyone growing and reaching their potential, without forcing youth to do something they cannot or do not want to do?
  • Are there effective ratios of youth members to adult leaders?

Parents can also pay to attention to:

  • Whether the staff and helpful and seem knowledgeable.
  • If youth are encouraged to be independent and solve problems when appropriate.
  • Are there facilities for those are challenged?
  • Do the youth appear happy and having FUN?

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA


Our Team Counselors and Counselors are adults who are positive role models and encourage in our Scouts the value that character does count.  Our Team Counselors embrace the identical principles of our Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Spirit, and the philosophy of the Scout Movement as our Scouts do.  It is a requirement of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA that all Team Counselors receive diversity, disability, and program training as a part of our normal leadership training.  Our Team Counselors also voluntarily participate in additional leadership training to further enhance their skills and talents. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA train our volunteers, Team Counselors and Counselors and put them through a rigorous background screening. 

Our Team Counselors and Counselors are focused first and foremost on our Scouts safely having FUN.  Parents are encouraged to meet the Team Counselors and Counselors who will be supervising their child’s Scout experience, and to come to meetings, ask questions, and get involved. Our first priority is the health and safety of our Scouts and Members.  If there is any uncertainty with regard to safety during one of our activities the activity ceases or an alternative is found.  We have developed and use standards of youth and member protection that exceed those of other Scout and youth programs or organizations. 

Our Scouts acquire the knowledge of how to use and store fire extinguishers, which type of extinguisher to use of which type of fire, to check smoke alarm batteries, and basic safe procedures. We encourage our Scouts to broaden their horizons by enhancing in them a sense of wonder and purpose to their life.  We encourage self-esteem within our Scouts and develop in them an appreciation for life long adventure and learning through activities that they choose, organize and lead.  Our Scouts personalize their own Scout experience.  Our Team Counselors and Counselors are on hand to ensure health and safety and to lend guidance when needed.  However, we always give our Scouts the opportunity to solve their own problems first.  Our Scouts learn much more from solving their own problems, even if it takes longer, than by being handed a solution by a Counselor.  They build self esteem, self knowledge, knowledge of others, and the ability to solve a similar problem when it comes up again. 

Our Scout Programs are fully inclusive.  Here, everybody plays.  It is does not matter if a Scout has a lot of experience or expertise with sports or outdoor skills, or none at all.  Our duty is to bring out the best in every Scout.  We do so by emphasizing following the rules and giving one’s best.  Winning is FUN and competition is important, but we emphasize winning fairly and giving everyone a chance. We know each Scout can grow and can improve in everything they do.  We encourage our Scouts to try new things and to take safe chances, however we never force a Scout to take part in any activity they do not wish to take part in, or risk injury by doing something they cannot do. We go out of our way to make sure every Scout can participate. 

We are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States.  Naturally, a team with a challenged Scout will make sure that Scout is able to get to the meeting location, come inside, and participate the similarly to the rest of the Scouts.  If that Scout needs additional resources to participate, we make sure those resources are sought. During team meetings, programs, and activities, our guidelines require adult leadership in appropriate ratios of youth to adults.  Our Team Counselors and Counselors are present at all team activities, programs and meetings.  One of our guidelines is our Team Counselors and Counselors are never alone with an individual Scout. The safety, well-being, and FUN of our Scout are our top priorities.  If we a Scout is drifting or seems not to be having FUN anymore, we immediately want to know what is going on.  Can we improve the Scout Programs or that Scout’s experience in some way, or does the Scout need help?  Our Scouts get the opportunity to personalize their Scout experience.  We want feedback from our Scouts and members so we can improve our Scout Programs for everyone.