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Are the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA a member of one of the several International Scout Associations? Print

We are not yet members of any of the several International Scout Associations.  However, we are steadily completing their requirements and have laid the foundations for our approval first as an affiliate and then as a permanent member. 

International Scout Associations are non-governmental and were formed to assist the national groups who share the principles of their Scout Association. The Scout Movement is a non-discriminatory fellowship whose members value self improvement, service to others and have a belief in something greater than oneself. Being a Scout is a way of living one's life and leading one's life.  It is not a specific set of rules or facts, which one must know. It is how one conducts themselves in their daily life that demonstrates whether one is worthy of the title of Scout.

Consequently, there is no single entity which franchises or controls the Scout Movement.  The very nature of the Scout Movement, is that it is, in fact, a Movement, designed to adapt and intended to evolve while staying true to its fundamental principles.  The principles embraced by all Scouts are a desire to improve life long, to help others, and a belief in something greater than oneself.

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