Why Should My Organization Sponsor a Team? Print

We know serving youth is important to you and your organization and this is your chance to do so.


Somewhere in your community there is a child who uses a wheelchair who always wanted to feel like part of the group, but never has.  Somewhere in your community there is a child who has difficulty making friends but always wanted to.  Somewhere in your community there is a child who is always made fun of for being different.


Who will stand up for these children?  Now you can be the one to give all youth a chance.


Our Scouts go on FUN adventures of their own choosing.  All our Scouts get the chance to personalize their own Scout experience by participating in modern activities they choose themselves.


We encourage our Scouts to take a spiritual approach to life.  We do not define this however.  All the youth in your community can take part in our Scouts Programs.  The faith and ethics of our Scouts are determined by their family and religious leaders, never by adult leadership of the team.


Our Scouts do justice in their communities and care about eliminating social ills such as homelessness, poverty, and hunger.  The youth in community will perform service to the greater community which is consistent with the goals of your organization, and can be of direct benefit to your organization.


We also encourage a love of learning. Through FUN activities, we enable our Scouts to develop a comprehensive knowledge base.  If a Scout is going to plant a tree, they are performing community service while gaining knowledge on the subject, such as what kind of tree it is, what kind animal may make the tree its home, what kind of trees grow best in the area, the effect of pollution on trees, and how the tree needs to be cared for.


This is your opportunity to do what is right for all the youth in your community, and to support the Scout Movement while knowing you are doing the right thing. 


We are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States.  We welcome all youth including those with challenges, who may need special equipment to participate or who cannot afford the costs of traditional participation. 


Team Sponsors include churches, temples, schools, parent/teacher groups, government at all levels, community and service organizations, businesses of long standing, and a group of parents.

This is your opportunity to serve all youth in community and make a difference in their lives which will benefit them for years to come.


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