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Kyle is a 12 year old with the strength to live according to his principles.  Kyle was a member of a Scout Organization and he enjoyed being a part of it.  Kyle has a friend, Bob, who has Down’s syndrome.  Seeing all the fun Kyle was having, Bob wanted to join as well.  two boys fishingBut when Bob and his parents met the Scout Leader, they were told the group was not interested in having Bob join them and that perhaps he could join a group for “kids like him.”


Bob is a functional child and does not need to be in a special group.  Nonetheless, his parents began researching possible alternative groups.  Unfortunately, there were none in their area.  It was also very important to Bob to be with his good friend Kyle.  Bob and his parents went back to see the Scout Leader and again tried to impress upon him that Bob was capable of participation and if he needed help to participate, they would be glad to help.


They were again told he could not participate.  Bob, who had remained tough through the proceedings, burst into tears and said he just wanted to belong to the same group as his friend Kyle.  Seeing the treatment of his friend, Kyle quit the program that day.  He vowed to only join another program which would also accept his friend Bob.


Kyle and Bob are the kind of youth every Scout Program or Scout Organization should want for Scouts.  We are proud to invite the boys to join and to honor Kyle’s sacrifice.  Kyle has proven he is a great friend and a responsible citizen who lives by his word, attributes that are defining characteristics of Scouts. 

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