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How many Scouts and Members will Adventure Scouts USA grow to have? Print

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are nondiscriminatory and inclusive, consequently the number of Scouts and Members is open ended.  We are developed as a Scout Program, by and for our Scouts and Members, and not as an organization.  We are more concerned with consciously offering quality programming, at an affordable cost, while always staying true to our principles and values than we are with the number of our Scouts and Members. 

Our growth knows no bounds and can spread like the roots of a mighty Redwood.  Their roots go four to six feet deep, but spread to two hundred and fifty feet from the tree.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA include depth of family, by including multiple generations and extended family, as a part of its unique inclusion of family oriented programming.  It is the wide root horizon of the Redwood that gives it stability. Similarly, we welcome the participation of all to embrace the rich diversity that gives America its stability.

It is our strength of purpose which inspires us.  When we encounter a setback, we consider it an improvement opportunity.  Since we are membership oriented with a focus on the whole person and offer Scout Programs which are relevant and appeal to all, there is no limit to our growth.

Adventure Scouts USA