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Why are the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA present and future oriented? Print

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are present and future oriented because our Scouts are not just the future, they are also a part of the present.  The Scouts of Adventure Scouts USA play a part in the present and are also the future of America.  Our Scouts will play a role in history as heroes and heroines and in the continuing effort, to discover new frontiers and to explore the final frontiers of Space and the Ocean.  Participating in our Scout Programs take our Scouts far, although achieving their endeavors require effort on their part. 

Our Scout Programs are designed to appeal to our Scouts and be relevant in their lives.  Our programs were intentionally developed oriented to the present, to enable our Scouts to value the present moment they are experiencing. Our Scout Programs are by and for our Scouts. 

Our Scout Programs were also intentionally developed oriented toward the future, to enable our programs to evolve so our Scouts will always find value in their Scout experience. We believe in the future and support our Scouts finding strength in the present, yet bounded by the past.  We encourage our Scouts as they stride into the future, to have hope as they discover new vistas, build their lives and their future families.  It is our intention they always be proud of what they committed to when they accepted the title of  Scout in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  We act with care today, so in the future others will always be proud of the effort we put forth as we carry the torch from this generation to the next. 

We invite all who aspire to join the Scout Movement, to join us in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, as we contribute to creating the future-  now.

Adventure Scouts USA