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How are the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA developed as present and future oriented? Print

Our Scout Programs are designed to appeal to our Scouts and be relevant in their lives.  Our programs were intentionally developed oriented to the present, to enable our Scouts to value the present moment they are experiencing.  Our Scouts therefore have the ability to personalize their Scout experience. 

They also have the ability to choose how the activities and portions of the program they wish to participate in. Our Scout Programs are by and for our Scouts.  We believe our Scouts are not just the future, they are also part of the present.  Consequently, our Scouts have the opportunity during Team Meetings to determine what they want to do.  Our Scouts during their Team Meetings use inclusive and democratic principles of self governance.  Each of our Scouts are entitled to one vote and since the Scouts themselves are responsible, creating and leading their own programs it is their choice how they cast their vote. The future is filled with promise.  Changes, as they occur, will value those who act quickly when opportunities present themselves.  Mere memorization of facts and figures might be helpful.  However, the ability to anticipate and react, by combining previously acquired information and skills with new unrelated ideas, will allow those with this capability to achieve more than others.  Consequently, our Scout Programs encourage the development of this ability. 

Our Scout Programs were also intentionally developed oriented toward the future, to enable our programs to evolve so our Scouts will always find value in their Scout experience.  We use traditions from the past to help guide the future. 

Our Scouts are encouraged to appreciate the value of good character and of having what they say count.  We do not ask our Scouts to promise or swear when committing to obligations, rather we consider the word of our Scouts their bond.  We ask of our Scouts to Give their Best in all that they do and consequently our Scouts appreciate we trust them and that their word is considered their bond. Our Scout Programs are always striving to improve and therefore are always evolving.  As we improve, we determine new and better ways our Scout Programs can appeal to our Scouts.  To improve the experience our Scouts have, in our Scout Programs, we look beyond the programs we offer. 

We listen to suggestions and value participation by responding time sensitively and with urgency.  In addition, we ascertain the emotions our Scouts experience while participating in our Scout Programs.  By staying focused on improvement, we create stronger relationships with our Scouts and rapid responsive program development.

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