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What are North Star Scout weekly meetings like? Print

North Star Scout weekly team meetings start off with a fun “ice breaker” activity that encourages each of our Scouts to participate and contribute to the group by answering FUN questions such as “What is your favorite book or television show?”  This activity encourages Scouts to speak and participate without the fear of being criticized or made fun of. 

After our icebreaker activity, the Scouts participate in a short citizenship activity; a chance to do or say something relating to responsible citizenship. The North Star Scout Program offers an innovative portion of the team meeting called, “Activity Buffets” which allow North Star Scouts to choose from a selection of weekly activities. 

This gives our Scouts an opportunity to explore and try new things. Unlike typical organizational meetings which are conducted in “classroom style” with a presenter in front and a group of attendees listening to the chosen topic of the presenter, North Star Scout meetings are personalized to the Scouts and their interests. For instance, North Star Scouts choose 3-5 “guest guides” to attend their weekly meeting and participate in the “activity buffet”.  Then, each Scout has the opportunity to select which guest they would like to participate with.  Examples of possible guest guides include comic book illustrators, local musicians, backpackers, and athletes. 

Weekly team Meetings also provide the opportunity for our Scouts to participate in Did and Do, which is a chance to share experiences and demonstrate skills relating to the North Star Scout Personal Achievement Program.  Good examples of Did and Do include one of our Scouts showing the team how to pack a backpack or telling their fellow Scouts about their experience visiting a concert.  Fellow Scouts can then get ideas about what they would like to do for their Challenges and how to similarly achieve these same skills. It is their fellow Scouts who decide and determine whether or not a team member has given their best and successfully achieved the level of skill required to earn Personal Achievement Awards. 

A portion of each North Star Scout team meeting is dedicated to a friendship activity wherein Scouts can learn and appreciate more about their fellow Scouts. During each team meeting, time is provided for the Scouts to choose and organize future team meetings or other activities. Finally, there is a closing activity which leaves our North Star Scouts enthusiastic and wanting to come to our next meeting or activity.

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