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If someone encounters a problem or identifies a concern how does Adventure Scouts USA assist or support them? Print

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are membership driven.  We exist for our Scouts and Members. As a membership focused Scout Program we try our best to make things as easy as possible.  We intentionally choose to value the participation of all and actively encourage suggestions in an effort to avoid bureaucracy smothering us. 

We operate with a sense of urgency and consider assisting others an improvement opportunity. We are a family and when you are a Scout or Member of Adventure Scouts USA you are a member of our family.  We encourage heart to heart communication and consider everyone an individual and treat each fairly.  We are proud our staff and volunteers are accessible. 

We operate with a process of First Response communication.  When someone contacts us the first person they reach tries to immediately assist them and serves as their point person until the issue is resolved.  If the point person does not know the answer, they are the ones who will obtain the answer, and follow up.  Our First Response communication process attempts to minimize the transfer of an issue from one person to another. Our Scout Programs are always striving to improve and therefore are always evolving.  As we improve, we determine new and better ways our Scout Programs can appeal to our Scouts.  To improve the experience our Scouts have in our Scout Programs, we look beyond the programs we offer.  We listen to suggestions and value participation by responding time sensitively and with urgency.  In addition, we ascertain the emotions our Scouts experience while participating in our Scout Programs. 

By staying focused on improvement, we create stronger relationships with our Scouts and rapid responsive program development. We do not advocate that blame be cast but rather seek that personal responsibility be undertaken.  We encourage our Scouts and Members to help us help them.  We are committed to giving our best to develop experiences which on an individual basis are memorable.  We therefore encourage innovation based upon interaction with our Scouts, Members, interested persons and consider all Parents our Partners.

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