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What does Adventure Scouts USA mean when they say “parents are our partners?” Print

Society today increasingly makes it more difficult for parents to spend time together with their family.  Some of the purposes of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are to instill in every Scout a sense of adventure, and of the value of family and friends.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are family oriented and parents are encouraged to meaningfully participate to the best of their interests and/or ability.  Parents can play a part in their child’s Scout life by driving their child to and from Scout Meetings, and assisting their child in their Scout Activities.  The success of your child’s Scout Experience and the benefit to your child are dependent upon your interest.  The Team Counselor and the Counselors of your child’s Team are most likely parents themselves and will value your participation.  They are an excellent source of information and will support your efforts and your child’s efforts as they participate in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.

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