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The Amazing Adventures of Leo the Lion PDF Print E-mail

Leo the Lion is our mascot.  As the most adventurous animal in the jungle, Leo likes to travel and meet new people, especially Scouts!  Our Scouts are going places and Leo wants to come along!


About the Lion


The lion is noble and loyal.  In fact the word lion refers to people who embody strength and courage.  Our Scouts embody the attributes of the lion.


The fifth constellation of the zodiac is Leo.  It looks like the outline of a lion.  The story behind the constellation is that Leo represents one of Hercules’s 12 tasks.


Lions belong to the order of Carnivora, the family Felidae, the genus Panthera, and the species Leo.  Generally, adult male lions grow to about 4 feet high, 8 to 10 feet long, and about 450 pounds.  Females are noticeably smaller and generally weigh 300 pounds or less.  Lions have a smooth, spot-free coat as adults, but cubs are born with spots which gradually fade away.


Leo on Location


Our Scouts can acquire a lion keychain or a lion stuffed animal and take pictures of themselves and Leo having FUN.  Leo goes everywhere with our Scouts!  Those Scouts who wish to participate bring Leo with them on their travels.  Scouts can carry Leo with them on vacation, at amusement parks, and hanging out with fellow Scouts are great opportunities to include Leo in the FUN.  Leo and our Scouts are everywhere.


Who knows where Leo might visit!  Leo might pop up by the Washington Monument, sunning himself in Hawaii, or in your own backyard!


Scouts can send us their pictures of Leo and we post them on the website for everyone to see.  Keep checking back because Leo and our Scouts could be anywhere!

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