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We talk about our Scout Programs, our activities, our philosophies, and our inclusion and nondiscrimination. We do so because we are proud of effort and of the Scout Programs we have created. But the truth is no entity is any better or worse than the people who make it up.

Our Scouts and our members are our focus. We have created Scout Programs which serve our Scouts first and foremost. We recognize there are many good people out there who want to improve the lives of youth and many youth who want to live their lives as Scouts.


Our Scouts


We exist to serve our Scouts and members. Our Scouts come from many different families, from many different parts of the country. Some may have challenges, speak other languages, or have had difficulties in their lives. We strive to be of service to all youth, and we have created Scout Programs which serve them now and into the future.




Parents are our Partners because we want those who love, support, and know our Scouts best to be the ones who influence our meetings, programs, and Whether or not parents want to serve as Team Counselors and Counselors, or how they want to participate, they urge parents to simply be there. To be there for their child, to come to our team meetings and meet those who are supervising their child, and to support their child.


We urge parents to motivate their child in a positive way, using role modeling, support, and positive reinforcement, rather than punishment when possible. It is essential we have the support of loving parents in our effort to create whole people who are self-confident, assured, resourceful, happy people.


Team Counselors and Counselors


We encourage adults who want to serve the next generation to join us as Team Counselors and Counselors. We get to know our volunteers.


Our Team Counselors and Counselors must:

· Be of good character and want to positively inspire themselves and others;

· Agree to uphold the Spirit and Promise of Adventure Scouts USA;

· Agree to follow the policies, philosophies, and practices of Adventure Scouts USA.


The membership application will entail:

· Completion of registration and application materials;

· Payment of fees;

· A signed consent form authorizing a background check.


The Committee shall consider individuals who will:

  • gladly undergo a background check, if selected
  • be the best influence on the Scouts and Members of their sponsored Team,
  • have as their top priorities the health, safety, and protection of all Scouts and Members,
  • agree to follow the principles and guidelines of Adventure Scouts USA and the Team Sponsor,
  • regularly communicate with the Team Sponsor and their Committee,
  • regularly communicate with all levels of the Scout Program,
  • regularly communicate with the leadership of the Team, Parent Partners and volunteers,
  • coordinate the activities of the Team,
  • demonstrate leadership and encourage others to develop their leadership skills,
  • earn the respect of others rather than demand it,
  • demonstrate good character and encourage others to act with good character,
  • encourage and be willing to involve family members and others who might be interested,
  • appreciate suggestions and value participation by others,
  • properly delegate all tasks,
  • facilitate the activities of the Team,
  • undertake training to improve their skills and abilities, and
  • encourage and support the organizing, creating, and leading of the Team by the Scouts.


It is a requirement of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA that all Team Counselors and Counselors receive diversity, disability, and program training as a part of our normal leadership training. Our Team Counselors also voluntarily participate in additional leadership training to further enhance their skills and talents. Our voluntary and required leadership training permits our Team Counselors and Counselors to better serve as positive role models and to encourage in our Scouts the value that character does count.

We encourage our Team Counselors to acquire new experience by acquiring new skills. Background Checks For the safety of our Scouts, we have one of the most rigorous screening processes of any youth organization anywhere. We require a background check for every adult working with Scouts, and no adult in our Scout Program may be alone with one child ever.

Advantages to Being a Team Counselor or Counselor Serving as a Team Counselor or Counselor

It is a rewarding experience which involves helping our Scouts to help themselves. boys shaking handsTeam Counselors and Counselors find that as a result of working with our Scouts they feel younger and enjoy the opportunity to continue to learn. Our Team Counselors and Counselors receive support that enables them to have a fast start to help the Scouts. The support our Team Counselors receive is also relevant to their life, and to their job or career. They also appreciate the opportunity to network with others. We care about our Counselors and are supportive of their dreams.


Adventure Scouts USA