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The American Camp Association is a 100 year old association of camp professionals

We use a variety of American Camp Association standards in our Scout Programs.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are inclusive. 

But we stretch beyond our members to include other organizations, which also benefit youth.  These “Friendship Organizations” are organizations we have a special relationship with.  We encourage other organizations, which work for the good of youth to join our “Circle of Friends.” 

We appreciate the philosophy of the American Camp Association, and use some of their youth backpackingstandards in our Scout Programs.


The American Camp Association is a 100 year old association of camp professionals who join together to share their knowledge and experience of camping.  As a leading authority on child development, they work to preserve, promote and improve the camp experience. 


The Importance of the Camp Experience


The American Camp Association believes the camp experience is essential to the lives of youth.  While camping, they seek to enhance self-esteem, responsibility, and resourcefulness.  They also help develop cooperative and social skills necessary for life.  Living and sharing with others in the great outdoors helps our Scouts see their place in friendships, social groups, and as a part of the wonder of it all.




The American Camp Association instills in youth that we are all responsible for care of the Earth.  They share responsible camping techniques such as knowing how to safely build a campfire, how to behave around wild animals, and low or no impact camping.


Our Scouts participate in many outdoor activities such as camping.  When our Scouts are in the outdoors, we concentrate on keeping them safe and making sure they have FUN.  That is why we instill true proficiency in outdoor skills in our Scouts, and why we use the American Camp Association’s Outdoor Living Skills Program.  The Outdoor Living Skills Program encourages the development of skills which contribute to ensuring our Scouts acquire an improved appreciation of their outdoor experience.




The American Camp Association’s goals include educating the public on the importance of the camp experience, making sure as many youth and adults as possible from various cultural and socio-economic groups experience camping, and making sure the camp experience is of the highest quality.


They have accredited over 2,300 camps, which meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality.  They work to insure healthy standards in the camp experience and improve the life of youth by encouraging them to get into the great outdoors.

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