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A Good Friend and Brother and Sister to All Other Scouts PDF Print E-mail

A Good Friend…


We devote part of each team meeting to friendship activities
We enable our Scouts to develop the skill of fostering friendship

Our Scout Programs enable our Scouts to develop strong, responsible relationships. Friendship is a relationship that improves the lives of all.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA believe developing the bonds of friendship is so important, we devote part of our team meetings exclusively to it. The friendship portion of team meetings includes games that offer our Scouts the opportunity to develop the skill of fostering friendship and to get to know each other better. In our Rising Star Scout Program, for example, our Scouts play the game of Scout Bingo. In Scout Bingo, Scouts make a bingo game board and in each square they write a random fact, such as:”Favorite color is green”, or “Has a little brother.” Scouts then go around the room interviewing each other trying to fill in as many spaces as possible with a Scout’s name. In our North Star Scout Program, for example, our Scouts could choose to play the game Scout Movie Gotcha. In Scout Movie Gotcha, Scouts say their favorite lines from a movie, until another Scout guesses which movie it is from. This game enables our Scouts to have a better idea that they share similar interests. friendly faces

The friendship portion of our team meetings develops the skill of fostering friendship in our Scouts and encourages the development of friendships between our Scouts.

Whether our Scouts are cementing old friendships or forging new ones, our Scout Programs emphasize the importance of strong friendships. If our Scouts have friends who are interested in an activity, they are free to bring their friends along whether they are Scouts or not.

And a Brother and Sister to All Scouts


Our Scouts are brothers and sisters to all other Scouts
Our Scouts value their participation in the Scout Movement

Our Scouts are also a brother and sister to all other Scouts. Our Scouts appreciate their place in the Scout Movement. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage more participation in the Scout Movement and we are proud to call ourselves a part of it. The Scout Movement encourages trustworthiness, honestly, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and responsible citizenship.

Scouts have a unique connection. They are actively striving to better themselves, serve their greater community, and enhance their belief in something greater than themselves. All Scouts are part of a brotherhood striving to make the world a better place, both today and tomorrow.

Our Scouts choose to pursue their goals and dreams in a positive way by embracing our Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Motto, and Scout Spirit. Our Scouts make their dreams come true while demonstrating their good character and always giving their best.

The title of Scout, like all great things, must be earned and nurtured continuously. Like a Scout, the Scout Movement is constantly improving. Therefore, we are faced with making and taking great steps toward a path that will permit our movement to be a place where brotherhood and sisterhood are appreciated and where one are respected. A place where are valued for the content of their character.

Adventure Scouts USA