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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage responsibility in our Scouts. Responsibility can take many forms. It can be stepping up to take care of something, and it can be living by one’s word. Responsibility in our Scout Programs means responsibility for self and others. We believe in ownership of self, improvement of self, and service to others.


Responsibility in Choice of Activities


Our Scout Teams operate on a democratic basis. Our Scouts are responsible for choosing, organizing, and leading their own activities. Our Scouts take it upon themselves to design activities which are safe, FUN, and challenging. Because our Scouts choose their own activities, they are invested in the outcome and bear some responsibility for the safety and FUN of everyone.

Scouts use their creative and critical thinking skills to consider how their choices will affect their team, thereby developing responsible citizenship. Our Scouts do more than participate in FUN activities; they also gain life experience and develop personal responsibility, including responsibility for helping one another.


Our Scouts take responsibility for their own Scout experience, and to some degree, that of others. Our Scouts develop an appreciation of how a true democracy works by voting and the use of consensus in our Scout Programs.


Responsibility Increases as Our Scouts Progress


As our Scouts progress, we encourage them to take on leadership roles and added responsibilities. Since our Teams are self-governed by and for our Scouts, it is they who give more responsibility when their fellow Scout demonstrates they are deserving of more. Our Scout Program activities encourage many qualities including those of reliability and teamwork. As a part of the Scout demonstrating they are deserving of additional responsibility, they have the opportunity to develop their own personal achievement plan and to serve in positions of leadership.

When our Scouts do take on leadership positions, their role is primarily one of getting every Scout involved at every level. We also encourage in our Scouts the value of having their share of responsibility for strengthening and maintaining positive relationships. Helping and valuing others contributes to development of how one can live life with a purpose. We support the efforts and interests of our Scouts. We encourage our Scouts to assume increasing amounts of responsibility while they are increasing their talents and abilities. While initially a Scout might have an interest in creative writing, for example, as a part of our Scout Program, they also have the opportunity to interact with those who are skilled in writing and acquire practical experience in creating their own magazine. Our Scouts, like most people, may not realize the depth of their interest in something until they have the opportunity to try it and take responsibility for its success.


Our Scouts care. They care for the members of their family, their friends, their fellow Scouts, their community, and their nation. Our Scouts prove they care by volunteering to serve the greater community and by developing strong relationships based on respect.


Caring Relationships


We stress the importance of positive, caring relationships.boys We do this to assist in the development of our Scouts as caring and competent adults, and therefore, we have developed opportunities for shared experiences which include all those who play a part in the life of the Scout.

Important relationships in the lives of our Scouts include those of family and friends.


We promote strong families and strengthen family values, and therefore support opportunities for our Scouts and members of their family to spend time together. We also help our Scouts develop the skill of fostering friendship by providing friendship related games and activities at every meeting to help our Scouts get to know each other better.

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