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Outpost Scouts are Scouts who participate in our Scouts Programs, but not on a team.  An example of an Outpost Scouts is a Scout who cannot routinely participate on a team because they live in a very rural area and there is no team within reasonable driving distance.  For those Scouts who cannot participate on a team, we have created Outpost Scouts so they can continue to be a part of our Scout Programs. 

Our Outpost Scouts communicate through telephone, email, and web cam. It is even possible for those who live too far away from a team to set up the web cam during the team meeting of the nearest team and actually participate.  This helps the Scout feel like part of the team and the other Scouts get to see and hear their teammate. 

On area-wide camping trips, we encourage Outpost Scouts to go along.  While it may be too great a distance for a Scout to come 100 miles for every team meeting, it might not be too far once and a while to go on a camping trip with their teammates. Our Outpost Scouts earn Challenges, exactly as those Scouts on a team do. 

They pick their Challenges and complete them.  When possible, Scouts can also participate in the Did and Do portion of the team meeting via web cam.  If they will not be participating in Did and Do however, Outpost Scouts will be assigned a Challenge Mentor. Their Challenge Mentor has the responsibility to make sure the Scout can do the Challenge, has done it, and can do it again in front of the Mentor. 

Challenge Badges are sent to the Scout in the mail.  If the Scout has earned a major award however, a Counselor will come out to present the award to the Scout.  We want the Scout’s entire community to know they have earned an important award.  The Team Counselor may present the award at city hall or other local government, such as the Mayor’s Office. We make sure individuals everywhere can participate by offering the Outpost Program, just another way we are committed to inclusion. 

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