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In what ways are the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA unique? PDF Print E-mail

We are unique in many ways.  Ways in which we are unique are that we use democratic governance, we are fully nondiscriminatory, and we enable our Scouts to participate in modern, FUN programs.


 Our Scout Programs instill an understanding and appreciation of freedom and democratic governance in our Scouts.  Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.  While Team Counselors are always on hand to ensure health and safety, we offer our Scouts the opportunities to run their own meetings and acquire knowledge about the subjects they are interested in.  By allowing our Scouts as much free choice as possible, they acquire the knowledge that the quality of their lives tomorrow is dependent upon their choices today.  Our Scouts understand how Democracy works at a young age.


We are also the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States.  Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their meetings, programs, and activities in a fully inclusive atmosphere, welcoming to all.  We believe that telling a child they are not good enough to be a Scout is quite simply not good enough.

Adventure Scouts USA