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roaring campfire

We know our Scouts, Members and Visitors to our web site have a lot to say!

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The forum area is the place to post suggestions online related to the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA. Improvement opportunities may also be directed to our Scout Program Office by email or telephone, to do so please see the Contact Us link on the main menu.

Welcome to the Adventure Scouts USA Campfire

We appreciate your interest in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.

We are continuing an amazing journey. A journey filled with hope, adventure.

You are welcome to come near and to enjoy the warmth of the fire and of friends. This is an exciting time and across the United States of America, all may now participate in the adventure of the Scouts!

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA welcomes your participation in our Discussion Forums. These forums offer you the opportunity to post positive improvements related to our Scout Programs and to exchange ideas.

We appreciate the suggestions of our Scouts, Counselors, Parents, Educators, and Visitors and value your participation. It is our desire for all our forum participants to have a positive online experience inline with their values, without compromising free expression or undermining other users' access to information.

We ask that you post with respect for all. This is a community. We are here for people of all ages, including children, and want everyone to feel comfortable. All content, including images or depictions must be suitable for those of all ages. Advertisements are not welcome. 

Adventure Scouts USA