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In what ways are the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA modern? PDF Print E-mail
The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are contemporary. Our activities are designed to interact with today’s youth and their families.  Today we live in a global community, rather than just a local community and therefore our Scout Programs encourage creative and critical thinking and responsible citizenship in our Scouts. The reality is families desire to spend time together and therefore the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage such interaction.  Because all of our Scout Programs are co-ed, entire families particularly those with boys and girls, find a welcome home within the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.   The structure of our Scout Programs enable entire families to participate in all our activities, not because they have to, but because they want to. In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA the Scouts choose and personalize their Scout experience.  The consequence is our Scout Programs are designed to evolve over time and remain contemporary.  We have established program evaluation standards which enable us to quickly react to suggestions, and, after evaluating them for safety, permit them to be considered by our Scouts for use within their team. Today’s society is changing and so too are America’s youth.  In order to continue to play a significant part in the lives of youth we determined our Scouts would choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities.
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