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As Adventure Scouts USA continues to grow in membership how will it ensure all continue to be valued? Print

We have chosen to stay true to our principles and values.  One of those is that of decentralization.  The Scout game offered by our Scout Programs are by and for our Scouts.  It is our intention for responsibility and creativity to remain with our Scouts.  After all, they are the heart of Adventure Scouts USA.  We have chosen to develop a structure which includes a national office, to support and serve as a funnel for sharing information throughout our membership.  Our national office also permits continuity of purpose and economy of size.  While increased growth in membership will contribute to a bureaucracy, we have intentionally chosen to continue to value the participation of all and actively encourage suggestions in an effort to avoid bureaucracy smothering us.

We are imperfect by design, which ensures we are always striving to improve and stay membership driven rather than maintaining a status quo.  We operate using common sense with a focus on the present and an eye on our long term goals.  We set initial goals and then get out of the way of those who will refine and implement the goals.  We are more concerned with consciously offering quality programming, at an affordable cost, while always staying true to our principles and values than we are with the number of our Scouts and Members.

Our Scout Programs are always striving to improve and therefore are always evolving.  As we improve, we determine new and better ways our Scout Programs can appeal to our Scouts.  To improve the experience our Scouts have, in our Scout Programs, we look beyond the programs we offer.  We listen to suggestions and value participation by responding time sensitively and with urgency.  In addition, we ascertain the emotions our Scouts experience while participating in our Scout Programs.  By staying focused on improvement, we create stronger relationships with our Scouts and rapid responsive program development.

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