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How does an Outpost Scout participate? Print
By encouraging the use of the Internet and Web Cameras, Scouts in our Outpost Scout Program are able to maximize their Scout experience by interacting with other Scouts, within our secure web environment. An individual Outpost Scout can communicate and participate with other members via email, chat rooms, blogs, and other internet resources.  Even though a group environment is not available, a single Outpost Scout can participate in many of the same activities that are enjoyed by teams and crews, such as:  hands-on activities that broaden personal horizons, developing leadership skills, instilling good citizenship through service to the local community, and fostering virtual friendships. Outpost Scouts can be members of either the Rising Star or the North Star Scout Programs. When possible, Outpost Scouts may also be able to interact with Scouts who are members of teams while on trips or while attending an organized event. 
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