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Pets play a role in the lives of many Americans, and our Scout Programs understand and support the value that pets have in our lives.girl with cat Some pets even help those with challenges. Dogs and cats help out in particular in many ways, and some dogs have jobs helping the challenged! Dogs work as service dogs, helper dogs, and in law enforcement.


Share Your Pet’s Photo!






On our website we have a special forum where our Scouts and members can post pictures of their pets as well as stories about when they got their pet, what their pet is like, what tricks if any that they do, funny pet stories and why they like their pet.


Pet Rescue


We also have a forum dedicated to pets that need adoption. Any Scouts or members who need to find good homes for pets can also post a picture and a description of the pet.


Pets Can Help the Sick and Elderly


We are familiar with the help that pets can be to the sick and elderly. Animals are sometimes brought into hospitals and retirement communities to help out.







Service Dogs


Seeing-eye dogs guide the blind and hearing dogs help the deaf. Service dogs go many places with the person they help, alerting them to sounds they cannot hear and things they cannot see. Pets are nondiscriminatory by nature and are happy to give love to one and all! We support those organizations which raise and train service dogs.


Helper Dogs


Helper dogs are very similar to service dogs. Helper dogs can be trained specifically to help a person with a therapy activity they need to do. They may walk someone around a track or provide resistance for exercises. We support those organizations which raise and train helper dogs.


Law Enforcement


Dogs and other pets are also trained by law enforcement to find people who are hurt or trapped. Dogs were an enormous help on September 11, 2001.police dogs


We endorse the Vest a Dog Program in which we help provide bullet-proof vests for dogs involved in police work. Just like their human counterparts, these are hard-working dogs that deserve protection while they are out protecting us. We are proud to help protect some of the hardest working dogs in the world.


Dogs, Scouts, Activities


We provide special activities for our Scouts to enjoy with their dogs, including camping trips in special designated areas, in which our Scouts are free to bring their dogs. Dogs must be well-trained and able to interact safely with other Scouts for them to accompany Scouts on camping trips. Dog training is also an optional Challenge in our Personal Achievement Program. Scouts can show off their dogs and demonstrate everything they have learned!

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