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Pursue-Your-Passions Program Example

The Pursue Your Passions Program is a multi-disciplinary achievement program designed to enable Scouts to gain information and knowledge while having FUN. As opposed to the Personal Achievement Program which includes acquiring knowledge of many different subjects, the Pursue Your Passions Program enables the Scout to focus on a specific interest in depth. Scouts can choose to participate in Pursue Your Passions because they want to pursue their passion as a career, or because they want to pursue their passion for FUN.

This specialized program requires large amounts of dedicated time to your personal passion, and will include as well some levels of participation and enjoyment of team activities.

You focus on all aspects of this topic, making you a specialist in that topic. Since it would be in a specialty area for which you already have a passion, delving further into the many topics associated with the specialty, and the additional in-depth learning in your area would be FUN, FUN, and more FUN!


If a Scout has interest in skateboarding, they will acquire knowledge from many different fields in order to build a comprehensive education about skateboarding. Our Scouts’ acquire so much detailed information, they are enabled to turn their passion into a career if they want, or they can simply enjoy their interest.

youth skateboarding on ramp

For example, a Scout specializing in skateboarding would need to know:


Basic skateboarding skills

New tricks

Creative and critical thinking

Inventing new tricks

Increasing your skill level with skateboarding experts

First Aid

Common skateboarding injuries

Treatment for common skateboarding injuries

Business Basics


Loans – such as a 10 year loan or 12 year loan



Construction Basics

Cost of materials to build a skateboard park

How to find and evaluate bids from construction companies

Cost-saving techniques

Labor laws

Math related aspects of the business such as: What angle do you want on your ramps? How difficult or complicated do you want them to be, or do you want options?

Science related aspects of the business such as: What effect does rain or snow have on the ramps?

Can your park be open in inclement weather? If not, could you have something else for people to do?


How to hire (or fire) employees

Employee benefits

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Vision Insurance


Any other benefit you would like to offer


What to charge for items in your s tore

How to find and evaluate manufacturers

Sales tax

Adding prices plus sales tax (cash registers break sometimes)

Payment methods accepted -- such as credit cards which people like to use but come with a fee from the credit card company


Graphic design – creating a logo

Marketing yourself – how to attract your largest audience, those who already skate

Marketing items such as t-shirt and skateboards with your logo

Flyers, brochures, and advertising, such in skateboarding magazines

Real Estate aspects of the business such as: choosing a location – consider proximity to youth and availability of parking for instance

Web Design

Creating a website


Contacting skateboarding professionals for advice and testimonials

Obviously, there is a lot more to skateboarding then learning a new trick! We provide our Scouts with a comprehensive knowledge base that can be used to turn a passion into a career or to enjoy their passion more fully.

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