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Our Scout Programs use basic parliamentary procedure during team meetings or anytime the Scouts meet to talk or vote.

The History of Parliamentary Procedure


Parliamentary Procedure was invented by the British Parliament and came to the United States in colonial times. Over time, there were different theories about exactly how Parliamentary Procedure was done. No one remembered exactly what the British Parliament did, so Parliamentary Procedure would differ from place to place. In 1876, Henry Martyn Robert decided to settle the issue when he wrote Robert’s Rules of Order, which has proved so popular, it continues to be used by organizations, businesses, and programs today.


The Purpose of Parliamentary Procedure

The purposes of Parliamentary Procedure are:

  • Ensure equal treatment of all committee members
  • Ensure majority rules
  • Ensure minority respect
  • Protect the rights of individuals
  • Transact business efficiently
Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure
  • All members are equal
  • All members have the right to discuss all business freely
  • The simplest and most direct method should be used for discussing business
  • Logical precedence governs introduction and disposition of motions.
  • One speaker at a time
  • Members can speak or make a motion after they’ve been recognized by the Chair
  • Members cannot speak twice on the same topic on the same day without special permission
  • Members are respectful of all other members
  • Members have the right to know the motion they are deciding on and what the results will be of voting yes or no, before they vote

How Parliamentary Procedure is Used in Our Scout Programs

We are a Scout Program, and we do not stand on ceremony. We are focused on providing FUN activities and meetings for our Scouts so we do not require them to go through every detail of Parliamentary Procedure. We embrace the basics such as:


  • One person speaks at a time
  • Everyone is respected
  • Consensus is used to ensure majority rule
  • Each portion of the meeting is begun and concluded as efficiently as possible
  • Additional elements may be added if desired

Benefits of Using Parliamentary Procedure


Our Scouts have the opportunity to learn basic Parliamentary Procedure. Our philosophy of inclusion and respect is consistent with Parliamentary Procedure which is meant to ensure both.

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