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North Star Scout Meeting Seven Worksheet PDF Print E-mail

Worksheet for Meeting Seven


Personal Hero Night

About Meeting Worksheets

Meeting Worksheets serve as a source of suggestions to our Scouts.  However, our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities, and it is up to them to decide how to run their meetings.  The choices provided for each portion of the meeting are examples for our Scouts if they choose to use them, with the understanding that our Scouts may make the choices that seem best to them.

Personal Hero Night

Preparing Well in Advance of the Meeting

Scouts will be cooking, serving, and eating with their heroes during this meeting.  Scouts have had time to plan whether they want to arrive early and cook beforehand or bring dishes from home.

As Scouts arrive, they need to divide up in groups:  those decorating, those setting the table, and those cooking.

The Greeter should stand near the door to greet the heroes as they come in.

Scouts sit down to dinner with their personal heroes.

After dinner:

Best of America (approximately 1-2 minutes)

The purpose of the Best of America portion of the meeting should be explained to Scouts.

Best of America allows our Scouts to talk about what they think is best about our country.  Examples of what Scouts can do during this section include: tell a story, sing a song, or speak from the heart regarding what they believe is the Best of America.  A different Scout presents Best of America at each meeting.  A Scout volunteers at each meeting to present this section at the next meeting.  When each Scout has led this portion of the meeting, start over

Below are a few choices or Scouts are free to come up with their own:
Scouts put on a brief one-act play about their favorite American historical figure
Scouts recite a patriotic poem

Clean-Up (as long as they need)

Your team meeting location should left exactly as or better than you found it.  Beat the Clock is a good tool for getting Scouts to clean up fast.  A longer amount of time need to be allotted for clean up at this meeting.

Announcements (approximately 1-2 minutes)

Announce the next meeting and time and remind those Scouts who have been given a responsibility such as telephoning potential Guests for the Activity Buffet, or presenting the Best of America segment next time of what they should be doing.  The Scouts should be reminded to write down what they need to be doing for the next meeting.  The Recruitment Activity is this weekend.

Closing (approximately 1-2 minutes)

The Closing portion of the meeting should be explained to Scouts.  The Closing Activity should be FUN and enjoyable.  This is the grand finale and should be memorable.  People remember the beginning and the end of meetings, so we want it to be FUN!  The Closing should be inspirational and motivational.

At this meeting, all heroes should be thanked for attending.


Note to the Team Counselors:

At least one Counselor must stay until every Scout has been picked u, however everyone must be in a group of three at minimum – two adults to one Scout or two Scouts to one adult.  Under no circumstances is an adult ever alone with an individual Scout (unless they are the parent or guardian of that Scout)  At least one Counselor must stay either with another Counselor or with another adult, for the sake of safety.  We know our Counselors have gone through a background check; it is inappropriate to leave a Scout with an adult who has not undergone a background check, such as a parent or guardian of another child.  This is true of every meeting, program, and activity.


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