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Our Scouts choose their own activities, and they can choose a certain theme for activities during a certain month.  Chosen themes may also present the opportunity for organizations to learn about and support our Scouts.  One of the benefits of choosing themed months is that our Scouts have the time to comprehensively gain knowledge about a particular subject.


Below are some examples, though Scouts are always free to choose their own:


NFL month:  Scouts can hold football skill camps, arrange visits to local football games, hold intramural flag footballs games, and increase their knowledge of the rules of the sport.youth in footabl helmet


Automotive month:  Scouts can learn basic car maintenance, depending upon their age.  North Star Scouts can learn to check the oil and change a tire, while Rising Star Scouts can be acquire basic knowledge such as where the engine is, and the importance of car maintenance.  Scouts can attend auto shows and increase their knowledge of cars.  North Star Scouts can invite car salesman to explain what to look for when buying a car.


Personal Finance Month:  Scouts can learn about basic finance, such as why they cannot purchase everything they want, patience when waiting for a sale, and how to stretch their money.  Scouts can learn plenty in the grocery store as well.  If one cereal is $2/ for 6 ounces and another is $1.49 for 8 ounces, they can see the second is the better deal and become more responsible consumers.


NBA month:  Scouts can hold basketball skill camps, arrange visits to local basketball games, hold intramural basketball games, and increase their knowledge of the sport.


Baseball month:  Scouts can hold baseball skill camps, arrange visits to local baseball games, hold intramural baseball games, and increase their knowledge of the sport.


Movie month:  Scouts can hold a Movie Night, discuss their favorite films, and hold a team meeting in which they come dressed as their favorite movie character. teens watching movie They can develop the fundamental skills of making movies and screen ones they made.


Green month:  Scouts invite companies which are exploring new sources of energy to talk about the importance of finding renewable energy sources, Scouts can go camping, hold a community service project such as picking up trash and cleaning up a park, and plant trees in an urban community.


Academic month:  Scouts can invite tutors and academic coaches to explain good study techniques, see how they can increase their own study time, and North Star Scouts can sign up for courses to help with them with the SAT.


Art month:  Scouts can go to art museums, study periods in art history, and take an art course together.


Citizenship month:  Scouts can visit the Mayor, city hall, and different forms of local government.  Scouts can volunteer at the polls, and set up displays in parks and street corners to explain to the public how our Scout Programs feature democratic governance.  Scouts can even go on a trip to the nation’s capital or their state capital.

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